Since 2020 I’ve been taking photos of reflected sunlight, finding a sense of visual poetry. Gradual experimentation and discovery have led me to use simple, hand held materials. I use a digital camera, but my images aren’t digitally generated— similar photos could have been made in the analog age. I’ve found that when my subject is “officially” out of focus, the camera starts seeing things. Like a mirage, these optical phenomena are real, but not the physical things they appear to be. In a sense, this is solar powered nature photography, and my images are discovered, as much as created.

Photography is a new practice and passion for me. I graduated with honors from Rhode Island School of Design in 1976, but then had a long career programing and presenting music on WNYC New York Public Radio, and also creating my own music. I moved from NYC to upstate New York’s Hudson Valley in 2011, and here I started concertedly using a camera as a valuable way to investigate and appreciate nature. My wife was diagnosed with terminal cancer in late 2018, and died in 2019. Since then, as a way to newly perceive and investigate the world, and as an aspect of my grieving process, I’ve been intensely involved in the experiments that have led to my unique current approach to photography. 

See my daily photo posts on Instagram. In July, 2022, a solo show of my large, printed photos took place at HiLo, in Catskill, NY.